Monthly Archives: July 2018


First public release of the TULIPP toolchain STHEM

The first version of the TULIPP tool-chain is now available to the public. The TULIPP toolchain is called STHEM - an acronym for Supporting uTilities for Heterogeneous EMbedded image processing platforms. The key feature of STHEM is that it automatically and non-intrusively captures fine-grained performance and power consumption profiles. This enables the developer to quickly determine

TULIPP obstacle avoidance based on embedded stereo for UAVs

The performance of the reactive obstacle avoidance was tested on real objects in a hardware in the loop (HIL) setup. In our approach the disparity image is calculated on Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGA and transformed into U-map and V-map. The images are filtered and waypoints are estimated. The application runs in the DJI Simulator.