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The Project

TULIPPTowards Ubiquitous Low-power Image Processing Platforms – is a research project that creates reference design rules to guide and facilitate the development of power efficient image processing platforms, where platform means hardware, operating system and toolchain together with standardized interfaces. By joining the TULIPP ecosystem, you benefit from the concepts and the components developed by the TULIPP partners and the wider ecosystem.

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What will be your activities in the Advisory Board?

The Advisory Board Members will be involved in the TULIPP project on a non-exclusive and volunteering basis with no financial contributions towards cost of time, efforts and travel by any partners. The Advisory Board Member has no liabilities and/or obligations towards the TULIPP consortium. Confidential information will be exchanged between the Advisory Board Member and the TULIPP consortium once an appropriate non-disclosure agreement is signed. The TULIPP consortium selects the Advisory Board Member based on ‘Best-Fit-Approach’ to support the development of the platform and is limited to 20 participants. The Advisory Board Member may leave at any time and the TULIPP consortium may ask the Advisory Board Member to leave without any financial obligations on any parties.
The Advisory Board Member will recommend the TULIPP partners on ways to improve and help the TULIPP project towards normalization and standardization of its reference platform guideline for the power-efficient image processing domain. The Advisory Board Member will be kept informed about progress and consulted at every step of the project to review and evaluate the reference platform guideline in respect to pre-standardization and help in promoting the reference platform as a standard.

What will be your benefits as a member of the Advisory Board?
  • Influence the technical directions in the project for your own exploitations
  • Use the TULIPP eco-system and partners to network with potential suppliers and customers
  • Free attendance to any TULIPP events, like workshops, tutorials and meetings
  • A free TULIPP ‘SoA’ development kit at the end of the project that will be provided after participating in the final workshop. This will include a hardware board with the operating system and a development toolchain together with a sample image processing application
  • Access to TULIPP Partners for help in using the TULIPP platform for your own products/developments
  • You get listed, with short profile and logo, on the TULIPP web-site –
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The project is funded by European Commission under the H2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under grant agreement No 688403


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