Founded in 2011, the Embedded Vision Alliance (EVA) is led by Berkeley Design Technology, Inc. (BDTI), an independent technology analysis and engineering services firm.

The EVA is a worldwide industry partnership that brings together technology providers who are enabling innovative and practical applications for computer vision. Its more than 50 members include suppliers of processors, sensors, software and services.

The mission of the Alliance is two-fold:
– Inspire and empower product creators to incorporate visual intelligence into new products and applications, and
– Enable Alliance member companies to accelerate success in computer vision by:
o Increasing their visibility among vision system and application developers
o Connecting them with the right ecosystem partners, and
o Delivering insights into market research, technology trends, and customer requirements

The EVA organises the EVS since 2012. It is mainly market oriented and aim at showing technology advances in the field of computer vision.


The topic of this conference being a good match with the topics developed in Tulipp, it was a good opportunity to present the project (TULIPP Poster, TULIPP Flyer) to the EVA community and attract key players to join the advisory board.
Members who join the advisory board and help the consortium by providing feedback, get a free Tulipp platform with hardware and tools and benefit from a dedicated tutorial to try their application on the developed solution.
ARM spontaneously joined the advisory board!

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