Between the 11 and the 15th of June, all researchers working on the Tulipp project will meet in University of Dresden, Germany. This integration week will be the opportunity to prepare and test our ‘Use-case’ demos that will be presented at the Vision’18 event in Germany in early November.

The Tulipp platform is used in 3 vision processing use case applications from 3 domains: Medical, ADAS & UAVs. Each domain needs energy-efficiency, either for longer battery life-time, or to lower heat dissipation. This strong requirement means to be able to manage the power of the components according to the application needs, which is achieved through the heterogeneity and parallelism of the hardware.

Not to compromise with the programmability of the hardware, Tulipp offers an operating system that provide to the application developers all the required services to manage and program the chip at the right abstraction level. A tool chain supports also the user in the design and mapping tasks and helps finding the right trade-off between energy-consumption and performance.

During the integration week, our multidisciplinary team will have the opportunity to focus on the remaining issues it faces while implementing the applications on the platform. The goal of the week is to have the applications up and ready for future demos.

Agility and problem solving minds are the key for a successful integration week!