Sundance was sharing details about the TULIPP Platform to a group of more than forty innovators, senior educators and PhD researchers at the recent workshop at Nottingham University, called “Smart4Industry”.  The Nottingham Trent University held the Smart4Industry Workshop from the 9 to 11 of January of 2019.  The aim of the Workshop was to present rigorous scientific advances accompanied by real-world applications in the areas of Industrial Digitisation, Robotics and Automation.

In a smart industry, devices not only react to events through sensing, interpretation and service provision but also learn and adapt their operation and services over time. These embodiments employ contextual information when available, as well as offering unobtrusive and intuitive interfaces.

Pedro Machado and Zheqi Yu giving a presentation

VCS-1 system with Lynsyn power monitoring board

Attendees at the NTU Workshop

Sundance delivered a 1h 30 minute hands-on workshop where researchers had the opportunity to test the new Sundance state-of-the-art VCS-1 that was specially designed for Robotic applications. You can see the slides from the presentation below.