TULIPP Demo at EMVA Forum 2018

Fraunhofer demo TULIPP hardware at the European Machine Vision Association Forum, 5th - 7th September 2018, Bologna, Italy. The demo here has a dual/stereo camera setup. This solution weighs less than a depth sensor, is cheaper and can perform real-time depth estimation for obstacle/collision avoidance.         Download a copy of the Poster

TULIPP at the EMVA Forum in Bologna

On Thursday September 6th, Fraunhofer IOSB will present TULIPP at the 3rd EMVA Forum in Bologna.  We will show a live demo of real-time stereo processing on the EMC2-DP board equipped with a Xilinx Ultrascale+ during the poster session. Looking forward to seeing you there! https://www.emva.org/

TULIPP Agri starter kit

AI is destined to be the future of agriculture but there are significant challenges involved, the TULIPP Agri Kit will help you productively develop safe, reliable, intelligent and efficient robots by providing: Certifiable hard real time performance Integrated artificial intelligence leveraging custom accelerators A scalable, high performance platform with guaranteed time and space isolation ROS

First public release of the TULIPP toolchain STHEM

The first version of the TULIPP tool-chain is now available to the public. The TULIPP toolchain is called STHEM - an acronym for Supporting uTilities for Heterogeneous EMbedded image processing platforms. The key feature of STHEM is that it automatically and non-intrusively captures fine-grained performance and power consumption profiles. This enables the developer to quickly determine

TULIPP obstacle avoidance based on embedded stereo for UAVs

The performance of the reactive obstacle avoidance was tested on real objects in a hardware in the loop (HIL) setup. In our approach the disparity image is calculated on Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGA and transformed into U-map and V-map. The images are filtered and waypoints are estimated. The application runs in the DJI Simulator.

Erle Robotics joins the advisory board

Welcome to the advisory board, Erle Robotics Calle Venta de la Estrella, 6 Pab. 130, 01006 Vitoria, Álava, Spain http://erlerobotics.com Tel. 0034 945 30 68 20

Energy Efficient Embedded Machine Vision (E3MV) with FPGAs – 12th July 2018

Date and Time Thu 12 July 2018  -  08:30 – 17:00 BST Location Sheaf 4301, Sheffield Hallam University Howard Street, Sheffield.  S1 1WB REGISTER HERE There is growing momentum for Multi-Processor System on chips (MPSoC) to be used as highly adaptive and efficient accelerators for machine vision and image processing applications. Such systems are composed

Hipperos at Embedded World 2018

Ben Rodriguez, CEO of Hipperos, showcases the hardware accelerated image processing ability of the Sundance EMC2 TULIPP board using the Hipperos RTOS.